DEFINITION of ‘Mom And Pop Store

“A colloquial term for a small, independent, family-owned business”

Unlike franchises and large corporations, which have multiple operations in various locations, mom and pop shops usually have a single location that often occupies a physically small space.

About Melissa Perez, Owner

Melissa grew up on horseback, starting in her mama’s womb, and has always had assorted pets and critters throughout her life. She has shown English and Western, starting with Lead-Line classes and competed in Junior and High School Rodeo as a teenager. She has had a variety of horses and ponies since age 5 and had to “earn” her keep in order to show, maintain and advance up in horses. By age 10 she was selling snow cones at her local boarding facility to help with costs. She has three barrel horses in various levels of training now as that is her horse sport of choice at this time of her life.

She has a very entrepreneurial nature and always knew she wanted to work in the horse industry. When Stephen’s Hay and Grain was available to purchase, she was right on it! Why not? It was a store she frequented often! She has made many changes and updated the store to what you see now.

With the support of her very loving husband, the store name has changed, honoring her family values by incorporating the names of her two little buckaroos, Tristen and Keegan (TriKee Tack).